$31.39 in 52 minutes

I haven’t been updating my blog much this week, because I was spending most of my time learning about day trading futures.  In the begging of May, I run into a blog called The Trader Chick and I signed up for her Free Mini Course on SIMPLIFYING DAY TRADING  and I really enjoyed it.  I am a self tought trader and I always wanted to learn from a successful trader, so I decided to sign up for her Beginner Boot –  Camp for Day Trading.  I will give you a review of the class once I complete the course.  I am very excited how this experience might transform my day trading journey.


10:55AM  BUY ADSK  106 shares@$131.58  $13,947.48

11:48AM  SELL ADSK  106 shares@$131.87  $13,978.87 ($31.39)



  • MACD
  • RSI
  • MA

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